Sulphur Springs Trail Race

This was our second year at Sulphur Springs Trail Race in Ancaster. Last year was about 30 deg C, but yesterday turned out to be a beautiful overcast day of about 15 deg. It was a special race this year because they added 100 km and 200 mile distances.


Start/finish line

The trail starts with a long descent into the Dundas Valley and consists of a big 20 km loop through the conservation area. Diane and I ran the 10 km race which is just a partial loop, but the 200 milers started on Thursday at noon and had 72 hours to complete 16 laps.


Course Map

On Thursday when the race started, it rained all afternoon and by the time we got there on Saturday the course had only partially dried up. There were still some mucky sections … nothing like the mud-fest at Limberlost last year, but just enough cover your shoes and the lower half of your body.

Diane was quite happy that she was able to drop down from the 25 k race at the last minute. It gave here a chance get back on the trails and run a short enough distance that she could push herself a bit. She started out somewhat cautiously in the first half, but caught her stride, ending with a sprint to the finish.


The other benefit of going to an Ontario Ultra and Trail Series race was that we got to see some familiar faces. Diane got to meet up with some friends from the Thornhill RR that were running their first trail race (and ultra). She may even have some new running partners now. We also saw Ziya who as running his first ultra. The funny part was when we met up with Filomena, who was the sister of one of the Stoney Creek runners we met on the Mudcat race course two weeks ago (she somehow recognized me from my blog post). Last, but not least, we saw Vertical Pierre from the Creemore Vertical Challenge.


First Trail Race (and ultra)


Vertical Pierre fuels up

The side benefit of running the 10 k was that it gave us time to volunteer for a while in the afternoon and then go and shoot some race photos. All in all it was a great day!.



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